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Hello! We are the Whatabouttravel or also known as Chris and Tzo, a couple that is passionate for any kind of getaway. The creation of this site is a result of our love for travelling, which eventually became an intimate part of our life. Together we will share the way we travel, through pictures, articles, tips and anything that we come across in every trip of ours!

Our goal? To travel the entire world!

Travelling, for us, means I Discover new places. I get to know other cultures and civilizations. I Taste. I Meet and Chat with other people. Live, even for a little while as a local habitant!

about Chris

  • Born in Thessaloniki in 1993 and grew up in Larissa.
  • He studied at Hellenic Air Force Academy and graduated in 2015.
  • When he’s not travelling you may spot him playing bouzouki, singing, composing and exercising.
  • He eats a lot without growing fat, he likes tasting everything and he’s not the best company when he’s hungry.
  • Personal characteristics: spontaneity, impatience and honesty.
  • He acts as the voice of reason that you would very much wish to have inside you.
  • He is the one who books the tickets and organizes the general plan of the trip.
  • The photo and video editor of Whatabouttravel!

about Tzo

  • Born in 1995 and grew up in Larissa.
  • She studied at Hellenic Air Force NCO Academy, graduated in 2016 and furthermore acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Primary School Education from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (EKPA).
  • When she’s not traveling you may spot her listening to music, reading a book, practicing yoga and relaxing with a nice glass of wine.
  • She also likes tasting everything, she might spend 5 days to find the perfect souvenir and she may complain if she doesn’t drink her wake-up coffee.
  • Personal characteristics: optimism, sociability and liveliness (craziness).
  • You may hear her often saying: live life as if it were your last moment, and when she says that, she truly means it.
  • Having the general plan prepared, she is the one who will organize the final detailed schedule of the trip.
  • She is the one who writes most of the texts, the author of Whatabouttravel!


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