Frequently Asked Questions

How did you come up with the name of the site?

We would say that the name of the site came up completely randomly but in a very nice way. Generally, the people who know us could also characterize us as perfectionists, so we would never start something new without having accommodated all the parameters. Same way of thinking was implemented on our site as well. Once we decided for its creation, we wanted to have a special name in which the content of the site would be clearly stated. After looking for it for several days, we had only decided that we would include the word “travel” in it. We were constantly thinking and saying “What about Chris & Tzo Travels?” or “What about ‘A Greek travel couple?’ ”. This way of thinking continued as a joke “What about Mr & Mrs Travel?” or “What About Travel till the end?” or “What About Travel…?” . So, one day we looked at each other and we said that’s it: What About Travel. Until this very moment it hadn’t crossed our mind but when we heard ourselves calling the name, it was as if we had already agreed by only looking at each other’s eyes, and that’s how Whatabouttravel was born.

What kind of travelers are you?

We don’t belong at any particular category of travelers as we like doing many and different things during a trip. We like tasting all the traditional dishes, experiencing activities that are representative and mostly, living as much as possible according to the daily routine of the place we have visited. However, we always see about doing everything we want at the lowest budget. That’s why you ‘ll see us travelling only with backpacks but at the same time with a big suitcase, as well. You may see us staying at a hotel but also in a hostel. You may see us eating street food but also in restaurants. In a nutshell, all the aforementioned can include us in many categories but at the same time in none of them. What we pursue after all is travelling and discovering each place as much as we can.

What is your criterion for the selection of the destinations and what is your travel bucketlist?

The selection of the destinations is not happening by using any particular criterion each time. We would say for sure that we are influenced by conversations that we make and pictures and video we see from time to time and based on that we begin our search. The definite choice depends also on whether it is a good-ideal period for this destination (eg. weather conditions), if both of us can have days-off from our job but also on the tickets’ cost. As we have already said the cost may play a significant role at the choice of the destination but it is not an inhibitory factor. That is to say that we prefer to travel less at the time of one year in order to visit some countries that we want than emitting destinations because of their increased cost overall. According to all the aforementioned we would say that we don’t have a bucketlist or we would say otherwise that our travel bucketlist is the whole world. It might sound exaggerating, but we believe that each place has something to give you. And when we all realize that, we will not have any restriction to our travel choices. It might be that a place stigmatizes you with all these that you will come across and taste there, even if you hadn’t schedule it at all in advance. Let yourself loose to the magic, enjoy your trip and you will definitely not regret it. Therefore for us every place is possible to be our next destination and we would like to travel all over the world.

How did you make the decision of creating a travel site while there are already many others?

For us travelling is more than a hobby. For us now is part of our life as we can’t imagine our life without them. The creation of a travel site was from the start our goal as we truly want to help and inspire people to travel. We got the ball rolling with social media but this was our ultimate goal. Our own travel site in which we will analyze our own trips. The fact that there are many other sites doesn’t frighten us at all, on the contrary it encourages us. We believe that there is always room for everyone in everything, as each one can do anything in each own way. We are who we are and we do what we do without forcing anyone to follow our way. Some may coincide with us more, some others less and some others not at all. That is travelling!

What is your vision for the next 5-10 years in regard to travelling and ‘whatabouttravel’ ?

In regard to travelling our vision is to travel in as many places as possible both in Greece and the rest of the world. To get to know about attractions, cultures, people and try tastes that we have not even imagined. Moreover, we want to “expose” ourselves to everything new and get to know as much as possible the natural magnificence of the world. In regard to ‘whatabouttravel’ our vision is to have it growing with only one goal. To influence as much as we can people to travel more or start travelling. Being realistic, travelling can be considered for sure as a type of luxury. However, even a short distance trip a few kilometers away from our home can offer us beautiful moments and very nice images. We honestly believe that travelling changes and at the very end improves people, that’s why we want through ‘whatbaouttravel’ to push people towards this direction.


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